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Transparent PC sheet on how to repair damaged right


Chinese state production of transparent PC sheet normal life is 10 years. If due to force majeure and other factors in the solid sheet rupture during normal use, also can be repaired or replaced. PC sheet repair needs to choose the same material and the same color PC sheet repair, large size than the damaged hole.

       PC sheet will be gradually extended if there are cracks in the dome of PC repair breakage should be preceded with an electric wire saw trimming become rounded angles, to avoid worsening rift extends. PC sheet usually bent, is not very easy to repair fully, we must find the right accessories for fixed plate. Intercourse with a neutral density edge bonding glue applied, and fixed with screws, beating some of the bonding wire in all neutral density rubber reinforcement, screw part also put on some in order to achieve waterproof effect.

      If the rupture of PC sheet surface area is not large or no gloss, you can use a neutral silicone or PC sheet repair agent fill up on it.

     PC sheet repair agent main features: Colorless transparent body, non-toxic, pH neutral, with a pungent odor.

Features: the ability to make a local loss of light becomes astringent, scratched uneven, opaque, whitish PC sheet repair, recovery into a transparent, bright and beautiful of PC sheet.



1, the processing site to be repaired, remove it to expose the surface has deteriorated new texture, so that the new flat surface without deep scratches, dry, dust-hybrid;

2, the product with a sponge brush to PC sheet surface, so that even without the flowing liquid coating; transparent to light within 3 to 10 seconds;

3, natural drying, surface drying, surface hardness, finish, transparency as a new board, PC Nai Liban transparent bright as new.

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