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PC material - preparation


Textile yarn production of polycarbonate, the choice of phosgene production of PC as raw material, including new material is 80%, 20% recycled materials. Its production process is as follows:

 Ingredients → drying → injection → → polishing → heat treatment → finishing products.


 Oven drying temperature 115-120 ℃, 16-20 hours, the material in the feed tray thickness of 30 mm or less, the resin moisture content below 0.03%.

 Third District barrel temperature of 200-220, 250-280, 260-290 ℃, the nozzle temperature slightly more than the barrel and low 5-10 ℃.

Injection pressure 60-100MPa, molding cycle 25 seconds, the heat treatment temperature of 115-120 ℃, 1 hour to heat treatment using the formula overhang.

 The wooden bobbin bobbin than three times longer service life, dimensional stability, weather resistance, lint, good finish, can provide a variety of colors of yarn,

Easy to improve economic accounting team.

 PC for regeneration of waste materials, can also be toughening process, replace the use of new materials. PC can be regenerated compound, blend a small amount of nylon resin,

Or high-impact polystyrene resin, can improve the impact strength of the products more than doubled, bending strength also improved on the processing properties of the resin, the surface of the optical duo have been improved a lot.

 In addition, since the molten nylon low viscosity, capable of blends have excellent pigment wetting cladding effect, destruction of pigment accumulation compared to constitutive promoter,

Increasing the pigment dispersion, for this can be reduced by 20% the amount of pigment.

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