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Shatterproof glass pc solid sheet


Advances in production technology pc solid sheet main trend is to develop non-phosgene synthesis process to replace the current main synthetic interfacial polymerization process phosgene, were to develop a non-phosgene process technology, we are building or planning to build non-phosgene PC sheet means non-phosgene route will become the main production line solid sheet.

    PC sheet product presentation referred to in the tensile strength can vary with temperature, as the temperature increases the tensile strength will decline, but PC sheet is high temperature, even at 120 degrees, pc solid sheet of pull tensile strength can remain at 35MPa or more. Then hit resistance, unbreakable: strength than glass, acrylic plate number of times, tough security, security, bulletproof best results. It can be arched, flexible: good workability, plasticity, can according to the actual needs of the construction site, bent arched, semi-circular pattern. Light weight, easy handling: weight and only half a glass, handling during installation saves time and effort, convenient and easy construction management. Weatherability, excellent lighting: long-term resistance to ultraviolet radiation, lighting effects privileged, can save a lot of overhead section of the source. Ultra-transparent, super-insulating: its transparency and glass is almost the same, but also has self-extinguishing properties of fire extinction for the best lighting fireproof material.

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