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What color is the best-selling PC sunshine board?


Because PC sunshine board has excellent lighting effects, and therefore became early summer sales season this sheet, which is mainly used for the production of shade to sun room, skylights and so on. But PC sunshine board not only good performance, the color is very much optional, so we need to know is which color of sun-absorbing effect will be the best.

       In our concept, we have always been considered the color of the deep thermal effect will be better, but there are several black in many of the most absorbing dark colors. For PC sunshine board is actually the case, in order to select the most heat of the plate, and that is certainly the preferred black solar panels. However, market survey found that the most popular but not the black sun panels transparent sheet, which is why?

       Although you can certainly endothermic effect black PC sunshine board the most significant, but the people in the choice of solar panels, they often pay more attention to is its lighting effects, and that the first choice is transparent PC sunshine board, and this is the reason why it big sales .

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