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How polycarbonate panels greenhouse air humidity control


Polycarbonate panels of the greenhouse air humidity has a great amount of transpiration of plants for the greenhouse effect, if the air humidity is relatively large, transpiration weakened, then a direct result of the plant to absorb water and nutrients transport capacity decrease; if greenhouse high temperature, transpiration is weak, then you can not plant leaves normal cooling process, which is likely to result in plant leaves burns. If the air humidity is too long, the blade will be because of internal and external water pressure caused by too much water pressure difference caused by lack of water inside the blade edges and tip necrosis.

       Temperature and humidity on polycarbonate panels greenhouse cultivation is very important, brief method to reduce air humidity and increase air humidity.

        A method of reducing air humidity

        1. Enhance the greenhouse air circulation, making the dry air and moist air circulation through the air circulation method to each other, it is more commonly used in a way to reduce air humidity.

        2. The appropriate increase in the greenhouse temperature, the temperature can accelerate the evaporation of water, which reduces the air humidity.

        3. Increase the light, the light also make the moisture in the air to evaporate.

        4. Change the sprinkler and spray quantity, which is the effective approach for reducing air humidity.

        5. When necessary, use dehumidifier to dehumidify indoor operation

        6. Place the desiccant dehumidification in the corner.

        Second, increase air humidity methods

        1. wet curtain method, wet curtain not only can reduce the temperature in the greenhouse, but also for the humidity to mention there are no small role.

        2. Irrigation Act, the use of sprinkler increasing soil or air humidity, is commonly used as a humidifier approach.

        3. maintain a certain closeness, indoor air circulation is not too fast, you can keep the humidity inside the greenhouse.

        4. Use a humidifier is also a good choice.

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