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three characteristics pc solid sheet


pc solid sheet pc sheet generally used in public, civil construction ceiling lighting, highway noise, modern greenhouse sun panels greenhouse glazing material, the other material used in advertising floor, bathroom, etc., with excellent impact resistance, noise, lighting , UV, fire and other advantages. Is the perfect combination of light weight and high strength, and material price itself was brightly lit pc solid sheet-like crystal of water.

    pc solid sheet product having high light, wearable, acid, alkali and other characteristics, impact strength, can also be used to noise, heat insulation effect, is an environmentally friendly, durable new materials.

    1, printing special pc solid sheet: strong, highly transparent, beautiful, good printing function for special printing, helmets, signs, nameplate, protective enclosures.

    2, plastic dedicated pc solid sheet: polycarbonate (PC) polycarbonate panels to the substrate, the low-temperature plastic molding. Companies introducing advanced foreign equipment and technology, professional thermal processing PC plastic sheets, the product features: light weight, high strength, impact-resistant, unbreakable, bullet-proof, anti-UV, light function well, not color, outdoor all-weather use long shelf life.

    3, advertising light utility pc solid sheet: use: advertising light boxes, LED electronic screen appeared, lighting and so on.

    pc solid sheet is widely used in urban scenic advertising light boxes, landscaping walls, decorative plates and other products look beautiful, bright colors, and is an internationally recognized eco-friendly high-tech materials, special access to the vast environmental, forward-looking companies, people of all ages.

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