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The best choice for greenhouse ventilation systems - pc suns


PC sunshine board (also known as polycarbonate hollow sheet, plate glass Capron, PC monolayer or multilayer hollow plate, polycarbonate plate) is a high-performance engineering plastics polycarbonate (PC) resin processing. PC sunshine board is a high strength, light, sound insulation, energy-efficient new high-quality decorative materials.

   One synthetic resin PC sunshine board is a linear expansion coefficient smaller pc sunshine board. Not the same as the direction of the sheet pc solid sheet expansion coefficient of linear expansion is slightly different, on average 0.065mm / m. ℃. PC sunshine board thermal conductivity of synthetic resin is generally different from large glass 1/4, 1/300, 1/1000 of aluminum, copper, iron 1/12000, is an excellent insulation material. Multilayer PC sun board insulation effect is a plus.

    Plant growth requires the right temperature and humidity. Correspondingly, PC sun board greenhouses require ventilation systems for scheduling and controlling indoor temperature and humidity, to supply a suitable environment for the growth of plants. Typically, PC sun panels greenhouse ventilation system can be divided into two kinds of natural ventilation and forced ventilation. The so-called natural ventilation through open side windows PC sun board greenhouses perhaps skylight, using the temperature difference between PC sun panels greenhouse sun table in pressure perhaps, the end of the PC board greenhouse list sunlight air convection, reduce the temperature inside the greenhouse sun, humidity anti-droplet sunshine board. The so-called forced ventilation that is forcing PC sun panels greenhouse list by initiating air convection fan, etc., scheduling temperature and humidity inside the greenhouse solar panels. Two kinds of ventilation have different features, suitable for different phenomena.

    Followed by growing monomer sun panels greenhouse area, on the forward sun panels greenhouse ventilation ability, sunroof works much better than the side windows. By virtue of fenestration systems, greenhouse sun-side windows and skylights can be based on the need to open or close. Greenhouse sun-side windows are generally continuous window, if the sun panels greenhouse covering material, mutatis mutandis, to consolidate the glass, PC boards, the choice of continuous rack and pinion drive system; if it is a soft material films, you can choose the volume membrane fenestration systems . Another option is the use of inflatable Poly window, through the balloon inflated or deflated, the end of the Poly window closing and opening. Greenhouse sun roof can be designed along the greenhouse sun roof open may intermittently open continuously.

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