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pc sunshine board insulation properties


1.PC production methods sunshine board insulation board layers as follows:

     (1) PS foam product sieved after grinding, the particles of diameter of not larger than 5mm;

     (2) not more than 10mm diameter ceramic cat soil wetted with water,

     (3) special glue, PS foam particles, drill soil ceramic mortar mixer to release preliminary stirring;

     (4) cement, sand, blending, and water added to the above stirred with a mortar mixer and added with stirring cellulose acetate tow, until stir up;

     (5) The above mix of material poured in a prepared steel, compaction, and then on the surface of cast cement mortar surface layer 1 and 2, the use of solar energy conservation that is made of insulation board layers.

   2. The method of manufacturing the color layer below.

     (1) Conservation has good dust blowing insulation board layer;

     (2) The special glue and white cement (or colored cement) and pigment mix by mix, made into paste;

     (3) After the paste evenly on the heat shield layer scraping, 2-3 times;

     (4) After the paste dried, brush polyvinylidene chloride (or chloride) coating emulsions 1-2 times.

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