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2017 04-26
Acrylic lens processing important link

Adhesive acrylic lenses is mainly affected by two aspects: the applicability of the adhesive itself and bonding techniques. There are a lot of adhesive on the domestic market, there are two types. One

2015 10-26
pc sunshine plates greenhouse superior film greenhouses

1. beautiful, effective use of longer: the film an average of two years for a change, time and labor costs money. The new materials PC sunshine board can use more than a decade, save more beautiful. 2.

2015 10-26
Halogen-free PC film

Halogen-free PC film PC-1860,1860-1,1860W, 1860B, 1860-83B film production to meet the special needs of customers halogen-free flame retardant PC film, one side matte, one side fine sand, UL94 fire rat

2015 10-26
Banghua pc sunshine board production process of extrusion ma

Banghua pc sunshine board production process in production is mainly used in the extruder, its main function is the use of heat, pressure and shear, etc., will be transformed into a uniform solid plast

2015 10-26
three characteristics pc solid sheet

pc solid sheet pc sheet generally used in public, civil construction ceiling lighting, highway noise, modern greenhouse sun panels greenhouse glazing material, the other material used in advertising fl

2015 10-26
How polycarbonate panels greenhouse air humidity control

Polycarbonate panels of the greenhouse air humidity has a great amount of transpiration of plants for the greenhouse effect, if the air humidity is relatively large, transpiration weakened, then a dire

2015 10-26
Green Building - Green PC board

With the development of society, peoples living standards improve, more and more attention in recent years the ecological environment and recycling. In particular, the ecological environment, the empha

2015 10-26
pc sunshine board insulation properties

1.PC production methods sunshine board insulation board layers as follows: (1) PS foam product sieved after grinding, the particles of diameter of not larger than 5mm; (2) not more than 10mm diameter c

2015 10-26
The best choice for greenhouse ventilation systems - pc suns

PC sunshine board (also known as polycarbonate hollow sheet, plate glass Capron, PC monolayer or multilayer hollow plate, polycarbonate plate) is a high-performance engineering plastics polycarbonate (

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