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The difference between PC sunshine board and PC sheet


PC sunshine board also called hollow board, hollow board, as the name suggests is the middle is hollow, usually double plate, in addition there are three board four-layer board, plywood, honeycomb panels. Conventional thickness: 4.0mm-18mm.


 PC sheet also known as solid board, can be divided into two kinds of coils and plates, 3.0mm thickness is usually roll up the following store called coil, 4.0mm thickness above is called flat. Conventional thickness: 1.3mm-10mm. "Broken glass" reputation. PC sheet is a single solid. Is a new high-strength, heat, light, lightweight construction materials, is widely used in light boxes production, canopy lighting, highway guardrail, canopy lighting, industrial plants, greenhouses, viewing window, the sound barrier, exhibition lighting, etc. .

        Sun panels and polycarbonate panels in many aspects of use are the same, but there are also distinguished from the weight distinction, because solar panels are hollow, material is relatively small, so the same thickness and area a lot heavier than the sun panel polycarbonate panels. Therefore polycarbonate panels solar panels expensive than the price. PC sun board insulation works well, it is generally used in stadiums skylights, greenhouse ceiling lighting, warehouse lighting roof, carport canopy and so on. PC sheet has impact resistance, high transparency feature, which is PC sunshine board can not be compared. Outdoor light boxes, building renovation and other relatively common. So the choice of PC sun panel, or need according to their actual use and needs to choose when PC sheet.

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