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Preferred greenhouse pc sunshine board


In the northern sun board now has been widely used in the construction of greenhouses north, but often use low-quality solar panels in 2012 will be weathered, broken, so do greenhouse in the north to buy solar panels must look: new materials, the plate surface There UV radiation layer, there are anti-mist layer under the board.

1 new raw materials, ensure the overall physical properties of solar panels, solar panels all transparency, impact resistance, light weight, flame retardant, insulation, weather, etc. All of these benefits are based on raw materials to manufacture it will be a new PC these advantages, the raw material is not the all-new material is a sun panel plate quality the most fundamental guarantee. Renewable materials from unknown sources, poor quality, solar panels can not produce long-term use, it does not have many features required for greenhouse construction, which are often of poor quality solar panels applied temporary roof flashings simple to use.

2 UV radiation layer, it is known objects weathering reactions occur, and inseparable from the sun's ultraviolet radiation damage, sun panels yellowing, weathering are resulting. UV radiation layer can effectively resist ultraviolet damage to solar UV damage UV layer 5 micrometers per annum, if the surface of solar panels, 50 micron UV layer co-extruded, ensuring the use of solar panels decade, not even yellow.

3 anti Dettol layer, greenhouse temperature difference can cause condensation of water vapor in the greenhouse of the top sub on the formation of small droplets, reducing solar transmittance due to further condensation dripping down they will harm plants. Anti Dettol sun bottom of the board anti-droplet layer of moisture in the air condenses on the plate into small droplets distributed evenly on the plate along the inclined surface (plate of ribs direction) slipped to the edge, rather than direct dripping, so as to achieve the effect of anti-droplet, so anti-Dettol sun panels are widely used in the greenhouse project.

  The above three points, is crucial for the purchase of solar panels greenhouse dedicated in the northern region, but also to the majority of those who really buy recommendation. Greenhouse buy solar panels do have to look at cost-effective, do not look down upon the price of light, do not look fake brand-name, do not think that high prices of products like, be sure to say hello sunshine board is not selected with the above mentioned three conditions.

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