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    Shanghai World Expo

    Shanghai World Expo

    Product Name: PC sunshine board
    Quantity: 5000 m2
    Product Specifications: 2.1m*6m
    Thickness: 3.50mm
    Installation Address: Shanghai

    Shijiazhuang Sea World

    Shijiazhuang Sea World

    Product Name: Three screen sunshine board
    Quantity: 4000 m2
    Product Specifications: 2.1 * 2.1M
    Thickness: 16mm
    Installation Address: Shijiazhuang

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    pc hollow sheet

    PC wave tile

    Pc diffuse plate

    Aluminum bars

    Pc processing series

    Pc transparent ship

    Pc lock plate

    Pc matte board


    NO.1Through the national certification certificate complete

    • PC board industry experience, customization, variety, Guangzhou Banghua - Professional PC sheet R & D manufacturer, China PC industry leader.
    • Passed ISO9001: 2008 certification, SGS environmental testing and certification of ROHS, SGS certification of AS Supplier national test reports, fire inspection reports.

    NO.2Full range, you can the freedom to choose PC sheet

    • Production facilities are based in Germany, Japan, Italy and other countries imported advanced equipment, five production lines, the annual output of 12,000 tons, can produce one-sided and double-sided UV coextruded sheet, the fastest three days delivery, the lowest price three percent.
    • Products not only good quality, but also a broad range, according to customer demand, can freely choose their PC sheet. Testing。

    NO.3Products to enter the global market, selling the world

    • Sheet using a new class ofimported raw materials, products will not add an old material!;
    • "BangHua" card sheet have been exported to over 30 provinces and cities in China and exported to Asia, Africa, Europe, the United States, more than 100 countries and regions, widely praised is your guarantee benefit.

    NO.4Quality of service system

    • Professional service guarantee, international professional package, complimentary service package, comprehensive introduction plate handling and storage installation instructions.

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    Lichuang products, we are very trust

    Lichuang products, we are very trust

    We Lichuang worked many times, each time very happy to cooperate, the state of China's product quality assurance, fast delivery, after-sales service system is perfect for all technical support for the life of the mold, all the problems in one step. C

    Lichuang good quality, short delivery time

    Lichuang good quality, short delivery time

    Before too many find suppliers is not very good, fast delivery of poor quality often reworked, good quality delivery delays often affect our progress, and later found a Chinese state did not expect Lichuang not only fast delivery, and custom ...

    Lichuang experienced, effective conservation of our cost of

    Lichuang experienced, effective conservation of our cost of

    Lichuang delivery quickly, and very timely for us to solve the problem, the attitude is very good, before there and other companies have worked together, but we are on Chinese products are very satisfied with the state, I believe we will have good coo

     About Us

    About Us

    Guangzhou lichuang Building Materials Co., Ltd

    Guangzhou lichuang Building Materials Co., Ltd is a PC, design and manufacturing, deep processing of plastic sheet, plastic sheet PS M2C online shopping platform is an integrated high-tech enterprises, the company is located in the Pearl River Delta metropolitan core city of Guangzhou, convenient transportation, domestic plastic sheet industrys only combined with new factories and industrial ...

    Preferred greenhouse pc sunshine board
    In the northern sun board now has been widely used in the construction of greenhouses north, but often use low-quality solar panels in 2012 will be weathered, broken, so do greenhouse in the north to buy solar panels must look: new material...
    The difference between PC sunshine board and PC sheet
    PC sunshine board also called hollow board, hollow board, as the name suggests is the middle is hollow, usually double plate, in addition there are three board four-layer board, plywood, honeycomb panels. Conventional thickness: 4.0mm-18mm....
    How to choose the right waterproof material?
    Waterproof material type on the market now are more, not deep understanding of waterproofing materials in the purchase of owners may not know how to grasp, in this Fumei Jia editor offers three suggestions for the owners to buy kitchen waterproof mate...


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